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The history of these marble quarries dates back to the Roman Republic of the first century. Already at that time, marble was shipped from Luna (now Luni) to the whole world. Because of the quality of its marble, Polvaccio is one of the most famous quarries in the Luni region. Plinius, the Roman historian, mentioned these quarries and explained that their marble was purer white than that of the Greek of Paro. It is from this marble that many famous monuments and statues, such as the arches of Titus and Septimius Severus, the column of Trajan and the Apollo of the Palatine, were built. In addition, it was here that Michelangelo chose marble and supervised the finishing of the blocks that would become some of his greatest works, such as the tomb of Julius II and the Pietà. And learn more about loi monuments historiques.

If you like marble, you logically love historical monuments. So we will talk about this solution and the Malraux law. You can buy huge marble houses that are eligible for these tax exemption devices. It is necessary to renovate an old eligible property and have it supervised by an architect of the buildings of France. This is an important point if you want to benefit from the tax advantage of each solution. In the case of the Malraux law, you will have to rent your property for a period of 9 years. But you do not have any ceilings concerning these, neither for rent nor for the resources of the tenants as in other solutions of tax exemption.

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Currently, the bed is expanding considerably thanks to the opening of new, higher excavation planes that allow for the continuous production of statuary marble and Bianco Carrara marble. The company uses unique equipment that covers the full range of Korfmann bulk tracked forklifts and the only Carrara crawler crane capable of transporting 100 tonnes. Here, a large number of workers are employed to enable considerable production.

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And if you want to know more about the historical monuments law or the malraux law then look at the rest of this wonderful passionate site. Regarding the historical monuments law there is no obligation to rent your property. but if you wish it you have no ceiling to respect. And you can even organize tours to show all your work to preserve and showcase this exceptional property. And also earn a little extra money, it does more for renovations. And speaking of the malraux law we must instead praise the good. And in this case it is a tax exemption ranging from 22 to 30% depending on the type of property. Whereas for the law historical monuments it is rather that tax reduction on the entirety of the works. A big difference compared to all other solutions present in France.

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Cave Michelangelo since the acquisition of the legendary quarries, has maintained their historical integrity and continues excavations in order to promote the extraction of safe and logical quarries. The ownership of quarries is in itself a great responsibility and the owner-operator, Franco Barattini, is the man who is dedicated to the preservation of his heritage.

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At the level of the benefits of the law historical monuments or the malraux law, it must be kept in mind that this is a very important tax exemption solution, the most important in France. And you can add in your profitability calculations the notion of rent that generates regular and stable income. A hell of a lot if you want to invest in a law historical monuments or malraux law. And under the conditions as previously mentioned it is necessary to do the work properly. That is to say to call on an architect of the buildings of France. His intervention makes it possible to keep an architectural coherence and a respect of the buildings as a whole.

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Below you will find examples of photographs of Michelangelo S.r.l. Quarries material and sells as blocks, slabs, tiles or pre-cut to your company specifications. All materials presented on this page have excellent availability and consistency.

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So do not hesitate to learn more about the investments between the historical monuments law or the malraux law. We must compare all the conditions and all the advantages. They are different and we do not realize the same type of investment for different purposes.

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